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This year at VidCon, YouTube shared some new metrics that really drive home how much it’s dominating mobile video usage and how quickly its service is gaining viewers on TVs.

1. YouTube is catering to its most passionate fan groups. Wojcicki has pushed the company to tailor services for some of the most popular ways people use YouTube, creating dedicated apps for kids, gaming enthusiasts, and virtual-reality early adopters.

I was shocked to read today that IBM and Slack are partnering so that Slack can use Watson to improve their Slackbot’s cognitive capabilities. It seemed like Slack may be outsourcing the one thing that could become their most valuable strength. Except as I thought about it more, I wasn’t surprised. Slack may have been forced into this deal. I never thought I would write something like this, but Microsoft has just won a big strategic round against one of the Valley’s coolest tech startups. Here is what I think is happening.

Why now is the time for AI

Salesforce Einstein has ushered in a new era of curiosity about AI. It wasn’t the first commercial AI usage, and others will crop up alongside it, but the buzz these past couple of weeks is a surefire indication that companies are really considering AI as a viable technology for short-term gain as well as far-fetched, long-term big ideas.

For marketers, innovation can bring about impressive opportunities (like the rise of social media), or throw up obstacles that force them to redirect and rewrite the gameplan (like ad blockers).

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has taken the media by storm, with new groundbreaking accomplishments by global companies. Google’s DeepMind recently beat a world champion of Go, which is said to be the most advanced board game on this planet. Moreover, DeepMind is now able to assist doctors during surgery, detect risk of blindness in an early state to improve the chances of recovery, and other important breakthroughs such as natural language recognition, object detection in images, and face recognition.

Globally, there are over 100 million new businesses, which are launched every year. Considering the statistics, it translates into roughly 11,000 startups launched every hour! In this fast paced environment, it is essential for startups to keep innovating, if they want to survive.

How A.I. will complement human ingenuity

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning are burning topics within the tech community, and while we are likely decades away from Artificial General Intelligence, deep learning technologies are charting new territories in medicine, education, and ways in which consumers can interact with brands.

Shanhai Capital has led a consortium to acquire Analogix Semiconductor for more than $500 million. The chip company makes semiconductors that enable high-resolution displays.