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Last year’s biggest social media platform agenda was to push video. Large swaths of people are moving to internet video from TV, and video commercials make more money than text ads. But the actual opportunity was limited, and with every single service getting into video, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and GoPro, there was bound to be some fallout. Hey, we can’t all be Netflix.

This year at VidCon, YouTube shared some new metrics that really drive home how much it’s dominating mobile video usage and how quickly its service is gaining viewers on TVs.

1. YouTube is catering to its most passionate fan groups. Wojcicki has pushed the company to tailor services for some of the most popular ways people use YouTube, creating dedicated apps for kids, gaming enthusiasts, and virtual-reality early adopters.

For viewing audiences, video is video. Whether watching TV, tablet or desktop, it’s not about the screen. It’s about the content and the convenience.

As much as marketers may wish otherwise, mobile and web have some important differences that come into play when you start analyzing user data. Simply put, the rise of mobile app usage has led to an overhaul in the traditional metrics marketers measure. So while the rules for engagement have been thoroughly defined for the web world, that criterion doesn’t directly translate to the mobile world.

(The following post is by Bryan Lovgren, who is the founder of Pinetop Group a digital-marketing agency that specializes in content and video marketing.)

(The following post is by Aaron Aaders who is the co-founder of DigitalRelevance, a national leader in earned media and inbound marketing services. Building on more than a decade of Internet marketing experience, Aaron steers the strategic vision behind DigitalRelevance market research and collateral.)

“Try reading a book while doing a crossword puzzle. That’s the intellectual environment of the Internet.”

Vine is an application that allows you to create and share six-second videos. It’s an awesome marketing tool for brands. But the launch of the new video feature in Instagram is already challenging Vine’s status as the frontrunner in video marketing.

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